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Nathaniel Parson

My father had a darkroom in our basement when I was growing up. I was introduced to photography through him. I can't remember when I got my first camera but I'm pretty sure it was an Olympus XA. I used it to shoot my family vacations and school trips. Later, I got a Ricoh 35mm range finder, which I still have and use occasionally. It was the camera that I took on all my adventures between ages 18 and 27. By that point, I'd made it to NYC and was working for my friends clothing company, managing the warehouse. When they outsourced that role, they were looking for a new position for me. They simply asked if I would be interested in being the photographer. Naturally, I agreed.

 I was outfitted with a Nikon D2H and we set up a photo studio in our offices. The day after I got the camera, my first shoot for them was Theophilus London. It was my first digital camera and my pictures were terrible. Theo was kind enough to come back a couple of days later for a reshoot after I had learned how to use the thing and the pics were much better. For the next couple of years, I shot in-house for Rocksmith doing our product shots and campaigns. Due to this experience, I learned Photoshop, Lightroom and studio lighting.

 After Rocksmith, I documented the building of the Paperbox music venue and shot many of their early performances. In 2012, I was hired by one of my childhood inspirations Okayplayer to run their online store and direct their clothing line. I spent 2 years with them shooting their models, product shots and events before moving on to start my own company, Progress Unlimited.

 All throughout, I've worked to capture what I see when I look at the world. Its collected here. Im available for freelance and if you're interested I will make prints of my work. Please email me for rates.